Dr. Rob Fox

Frequency One with Rob Fox: Are FM and ME/CFS Viral outbreaks?

Dr. Robert Fox DOM, APNP maintains that Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (FM–CFS/ME) are mistakenly diagnosed as a set of symptoms when the primarily cause is viral. He discusses how to take a diagnostic approach utilizing lab results and offers an Integrative avenue to treatment. Dr. Fox operates, Shalem Healing, a non profit organization in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. References and Resources, including a diagnostic checklist that will prompt your practitioner to find and treat the root cause of your health problem for this video are available below. 

You have to be able to test and to be able to interpret. Your provider should have a vested interest in seeing what is the cause of your illness and how they can help you get better.  ➳ Rob Fox