11TH STORY empowers the listener to question society on their latest track "Lady Liberty". With the words and subject matter flowing subconsciously out of writer Lora’s state of mind and heart, the song is an impassioned plea for transparency through an alternative pop lens. The single climbed to number 4 in the Euro Indie Charts and number 7 in the World Indie Music Charts.

11th Story shares: “This song aims to evoke a sense of reflection, realization and loss that calls into question American exceptionalism and its leadership in shaping the world vision. Stay true to yourself in the face of disempowering forces.”

11TH STORY is the married duo of Lora Nigro and Kevin Rutkowski whose serendipitous encounter at a local poetry reading ignited a quest for meaning channeled through their life​-​long songwriting collaboration.​ Their genre fluid compositions convey contemplative lyrics suffused with spiritual themes with an existential twist.

Their lushly orchestral debut LP, "I Am" produced by Vincent Gaudes and mastered by 12 time Grammy awarded Mastering Engineer, Bob Ludwig was meticulously crafted with Emmy winning composer, Peter Buffett and multi-instrumentalist Rob McWilliam.  After snatching two WAMI (Wisconsin Area Music Industry) ​a​wards, they produced another LP and performed in ​venues around the midwest under their former band name, Sometimes Y.

As 11TH STORY, they continue to release music alongside their documentary film making projects. Their new single "Emerge" will drop this holiday season and their civil rights documentaryFighting Priest : Father James Groppi” is currently in production​.

Dream Meme




That's Not What I Heard


I Am


Sometimes Y