Lora Nigro
Graphic Artist

After a 20 year ad agency background as marketing coordinator, production manager and copywriter, Lora Nigro became a self taught graphic and web designer. She started 11th Story in 2009. contracted to build and maintain brands. The singer-songwriter received two WAMI awards for best artist under the name Sometimes Y and branched out to documentary filmmaking spawned by curiosity about the nature of consciousness. She is a contributing writer to Milwaukee’s largest weekly, the Shepherd Express since 2000 and a proud journalism alumni of Marquette University.
About Lora

Kevin Rutkowski

About Kevin
Kevin Rutkowski, a classically trained guitarist who caught his 11th Story partner's ear and heart, has been the go to technology facilitator for the School of Health Sciences at Milwaukee Area Technical College for the past 20 years. The token problem solver produced over 50 instructional videos for the school and utilized web and creative media for communication and training purposes of faculty, staff and students. His conceptual mind, fueled by coffee, supplies ever flowing ideas and his hands are on the editing programs for film projects and original compositions.

Vincent Gaudes
colour whisperer
Sound Engineer...

About Vincent
Vincent Gaudes has been a cinematographer, film and music producer for over 40 years. His previous company, Cottingham, Gaudes Creative worked on numerous commercial projects for clients such as Pabst, Miller, Amtrak and World Festivals incorporated (Summerfest). A federal grant through Long Beach State University relocated him to L.A. for 11 years documenting innovative teaching methods. Vince has a sense for capturing stories down to an increment of a frame. The fine artist also moonlights as a color consultant for residential and commercial spaces.