The Fighting Priest



I crossed over a link for your Youtube Channel and holy shit! Your video work is definitely at it's peak for quality, special effects and content. I can say without a doubt you are by far doing better than anybody within our Milwaukee and the greater area of our circles in secularism. I don't think I could find anything more interesting to look into at the moment. —Adam Montney, Adam-in-the-Wild LLC

Eloquent. True. Nice. Precise, no, accurate! Absolutely refreshing, clear and logical. I love it. —Knud Sandbæk Nielsen

Hello Lora & Kevin Thank you. Watching it again ! Great job... it was so crazy on site... looks like you got great interviews and it was shot beautifully... Congratulations to you both. —Abi Behar Montefiore, Assistant Director, Center for Consciousness Studies, University of Arizona

This is a short, wonderful introduction to the many complexities associated with the academic study of consciousness. None of it was news to me, but as a general introduction to folks who haven't thought much about consciousness, it provides a good overview. I very much enjoyed the original song. —Dean Radin

Wow. I'm 6 mos late in experiencing these delicious philosopher mind bytes, with great music to stimulate the 3 llbs of whatever is oscillating up there. Each proclamation either tickles or rankles one's "self" - if there is such a thing of course. So much more stimulating than the drool inducing interviews of the "great minds." Going to download Consciousness music right now and start dancing. — Maryann Pearson

Just finished watching 'The Deeper You Go' and it was quite wonderful. It does in the end leave you as it should, with perhaps more questions than answers. I like that it provides so many different views from people who have obviously taken time and care to wonder about consciousness. I loved this! —Blogpost

Lora, First !! Thank you for your work!! Consciousness, a product of both. I see differences around the world as a form to create world wisdom. We have a long way to go, but… with people such as yourself - and others with ideas to share, we will succeed. Maybe not the way we perceive at this moment, but we will achieve our humanity.  Cheers! —MicheleElys blog

I was engaged and impressed virtually right down to the the song at the end. The speed of the movie was right on. Not too long to focus on any one viewpoint, not too short to cut their intended points. The music was simply perfect in its selection, sound, and cadence. My lasting takeaway was a heightened awareness of the complexity of my own consciousness. —Nick, President, ECCS Nationwide Mobile Laboratories

Saw it twice. Thought it was extremely professionally done from the cinematography (I streamed it on my 55" TV screen and it was crystal clear, good color balance, good camera angles, lighting, staging), to the sound quality, the background music, the editing, and right through the credits. —Nick Nero, Author, Entrepreneur