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11TH STORY empowers the listener to question society on their latest track "Lady Liberty". With the words and subject matter flowing subconsciously out of writer Lora’s state of mind and heart, the song is an impassioned plea for transparency through an Avant Pop lens. The single climbed to number 4 in the Euro Indie Charts and number 7 in the World Indie Music Charts.

11th Story shares: “This song aims to evoke a sense of reflection, realization and loss that calls into question American exceptionalism and its leadership in shaping the world vision. Stay true to yourself in the face of disempowering forces.”

11TH STORY is the married duo of Lora Nigro and Kevin Rutkowski whose serendipitous encounter at a local poetry reading ignited a quest for meaning channeled through their life​-​long songwriting collaboration.​ Their genre fluid compositions convey contemplative lyrics suffused with spiritual themes with an existential twist.

Lushly orchestral debut LP"I Am" produced by Vincent Gaudes and mastered by 12 time Grammy awarded Mastering Engineer, Bob Ludwig was meticulously crafted with Emmy winning composer, Peter Buffett and multi-instrumentalist Rob McWilliam.  After snatching two WAMI (Wisconsin Area Music Industry) ​a​wards, they produced another LP and performed in ​venues around the midwest under their former band name, Sometimes Y.

As 11TH STORY, they continue to release music alongside their documentary film making projects. Their new single "Emerge" will drop this winter season and their civil rights documentaryFighting Priest : Father James Groppi” is currently in production​.

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'This Moment' is a beautiful song, performed with a sweet and emotional voice. We really liked the intimate instrumental work, with a fresh and organic sound, creating a very warm and engaging musical atmosphere. It is an excellent piece of work! –Folky & Dreamy I Mello I Chill I Relax Playlist

There was a really fun, old school sound to your vocals that just screamed maturity and gave the listener an emotion that resembled moving on from a situation. I liked how the song (This Moment) is classified in the folk genre, and I think that was incredibly accurate. The thing I like about folk music is that it usually makes you feel warm and like everything is going to be okay I feel like you nailed that heart-warming feeling from the very beginning. –We Do Coffee Breaks Playlist

It (This Moment) has a good relaxing rhythm, it is so good, the voice is the key in this song, it makes me feel a good vibe when listening to it. –M e l a n c h o l i Playlist

The lyrics are significant, it (This Moment) has a warm instrumental with good melodies and a good rhythm. –Applaylist

Wow. Perfect usage of instruments. You guys used horns and strings so subtly in the first half of the song (Lady Liberty), it's great! Great vocalist. Awesome string section at the end. I'm jealous of your guys work, wow, wow, wow.. –Submit Hub

How soulful (This Moment)! I love the big ballady vibe the song starts off in and how it leads into a smoother janis vibes. I feel like the wind looking down a valley stream as the verse first kicks in and the guitar is all strummy. The song kind of picks up again later on and you really start tapping your toe with your whole body. This is such a cleansing and free feeling song. Really great lyrical content, I think the imagery is perfectly balanced in a sort of cryptic yet clear way. Vocally this was well sung and they really express the emotion and get the point across, and that's why I think the Janis Joplin thing. –Submit Hub

That acoustic guitar (This Moment) is gorgeous when it drops in. Very tender vocal, a really touching experience. I appreciate the sincerity of the emotion along with the negative-space lyrics that point to something by referring to everything around it. The atmosphere here is really lovely. I get the vibe of the church room after service. –Submit Hub

First off, LOVE the sample (Knowledge). And the lyrics. Holy crap. We're an indie duo too, just hit you up on IG —@allfutureselves

This (Turnaround) is like Death Cab for Cutie mixed with some Regina Spektor... with your own flair of course. This is really goood! ❤. —Kanata, Canada

Really a good job (Emerge)! I really like the vocals and the effects, the lyrics and the vocal-tempo. Nice structure and super production. There are some Garbage moments, as well (one of my favourite bands). BRAVO! —Submit Hub

Very artistic tune (Emerge) with a slight Bjork vibe to the vocals. Nicely done! —Submit Hub

Really really appreciating your creativity (Emerge). Nice sounds and sense of space. Haven't really heard much of anything like this on here! —Submit Hub

Reminded me of Bjork a lot (Knowledge). Unusual sound and interesting arrangement! —Submit Hub

Really cool song (Knowledge). Vocals 10/10!!! —Submit Hub

Wow what a sick track, 11th Story. This is amazing. Flesh and Blood is so gas! 🔥 🔥 🔥 —Submit Hub

I Am is a pleasing mixture of engaging melodies and enchanting accompaniment, theatrical in its thunder and disarming in its fragile forms. –Maximum Ink

Nigro’s poetic lyrics illustrate her own quest for enlightenment and the lushly emotional music underscores her words. –Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Shadowy mood and dramatic contrast with vocals that seem to float in from a cloud in a dream. –Capital Times Wisconsin State Journal

A postmodern talent for melodramatic sound and exceptional production carries off the grand epics of self-discovery. –Maximum Ink

Lighting the dark consciousness of fertile imaginations –Maximum Ink

The finely calibrated music orchestrates the ideas in Nigro's lyrics, asking the most profound questions of the postmodern era. –Managing Editor, Shepherd Express

Haunted and mysterious, Sometimes Y has a postmodern talent for melodramatic sound. –Maximum Ink

Flying against every trend of our fast diminishing decade. –Milwaukee Magazine

Spectral voices of mercy and kindness waft over thick, lathering synthesizers and pounding percussion. –Maximum Ink. Nigro's swooning vocals weave words with an urgent, impassioned directness. ↬ Maximum Ink

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