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Woman's Nature

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Woman's Nature

He has an angry temper
From time to time will cry
So She arches out her gentile form
Across the gloomy sky
Her beauty so astounds him
His tears cease to fall
So She slowly fades away 
Until she hears another call

He often feels neglected
When lonesomeness abounds
So She stretches out her gentile wings
Hovering around
And Her gracefulness astounds him
He no longer is alone
But he wishes he could sense the peace
She has always known

By Lora Nigro
Mixed media by Lora Nigro & David Shrank

Laughing with Bill Maher

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U2 wants to change the world

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Interview with
Robert Price & Bart Ehrman

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Meaning of Light

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Meaning of Light

Physics of light 
A system of sequenced molecules
Characterized by infinite capacity
Unfolding a radiant spectrum
arranged in order of wavelengths
Magnetically resolved
It's source unknown

Thought of light
A range of values dividing the masses
Characterized by repeated conditions
Drawing a common journey
Compassing ideas, activities
Embodying history
It's source unknown

Spirit of light
An iridescent pathway to soul
Characterized by absence of void
Unveiling visions of eternity
Infusing the body
Reflecting creation
It's source unknown

By Lora Nigro
Photograph by Vincent GAudes


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11th Story

The married multi-media team from Milwaukee, Wisconsin has compiled nearly three decades of diving into the deep end of the pool through film, music and design. The Deeper You Go, The Interviews, their documentary on consciousness, reengaged Vincent Guades, cinematographer, who currently joins in producing documentary style interviews and recording songs when home from Los Angeles. Water color "Lora's World" ~ Nicola Angelone

Lora Nigro

Film maker, songstress and graphic designer Lora Nigro started 11th Story media and brand design service after attaining her Journalism BA from Marquette University and the many advertising agency positions from Production Manager to Copywriter covering both the business and creative sides. She is a contributing writer at the Shepherd Express, Milwaukee's largest news and entertainment weekly since 2000.

Kevin Rutkowski

Film maker, musician and educator Kevin Rutkowski daylights at Milwaukee Area Technical College School of Health Sciences managing communication, technology and social media for the Learning Resource Department.
Man's Quest Finds Family circle is Closer than He Knew

Sometime Y

After writing songs around Nigro's melodies and lyrics in her Eastside studio apartment, they formed the recording group Sometimes Y and released two EP’s, I Am and That’s Not What I Heard produced with Emmy award winning composer, Peter Buffett, who contributed to many of the tracks.

Sometimes Y – I Am

I Am is sonically immense with singer–songwriter narrative, progressive rock edges and epic shades of new age. Collaborating with producer, Vincent Gaudes, multi-instrumental Rob McWilliam and Emmy award winning composer, Peter Buffett,  the four year project was mastered by Bob Ludwig, Gateway Mastering, Portland, Main.

That's Not What I Heard - Sometimes Y

That's Not What I Heard, their follow up full length CD features organic acoustic and electric guitars and the emotive swells of Rob McWilliam on Chapman Stick®.