As documentarians and recording artists with a history of exploring the big questions we’ve journaled the interdisciplinary approach to the science of consciousness through our debut film The Deeper You Go and ongoing YouTube series, Frequency One, which promotes and expands the conversation. The film was presented with talk-back (Kevin Rutkowski & Lora Nigro) at the international Science of Consciousness conference in 2016. We’ve produced and performed in music videos shot in local attractions including Black Cat Alley and Swing Park. Nick Nigro was our short film tribute for Remembering a Life, NFDA, 2018 (director, producer, writer, narrator, editor, original song). The rock stars of consciousness we’ve interviewed include Deepak Chopra, Dan Dennett, John Searle and David Chalmers as well as comedian Bill Maher. Current Project:

When Hell Freezes Over

The Story of Father James Groppi