is what brought Lora Nigro and Kevin Rutkowski together and is a central expression of their ongoing conversation and creative lifestyle. Upon meeting at a local poetry reading, Kevin's haunting acoustic phrasing struck a chord and was later named Lora's Dance for an independent film soundtrack. In the mid 90's, they formed the band Sometimes Y (MKE) and released two EP’s, ❝I Am❞ and ❝That’s Not What I Heard❞ produced with Emmy award winning composer, Peter Buffett. Their singer songwriter endeavors snatched two Wisconsin music (WAMI) awards for best artist. Having cultivated their recording technician and song crafting skills, the married team utilizes their capacity to turn melodies into film scores in documentaries and commercial projects. A refreshed musical style is being played out in an upcoming release, ❝Adventures of a Psychonaut❞.

Lighting the dark consciousness of fertile imaginations ↬ Maximum Ink

Shadowy mood and dramatic contrast with vocals that seem to float in from a cloud in a dream. ↬ Capital Times Wisconsin State Journal

The finely calibrated music orchestrates the ideas in Nigro's lyrics, asking the most profound questions of the postmodern era. ↬ Dave Luhrssen, Managing Editor, Shepherd Express

Haunted and mysterious, Sometimes Y has a postmodern talent for melodramatic sound. ↬ Maximum Ink

Flying against every trend of our fast diminishing decade. ↬ Milwaukee Magazine

Nigro’s poetic lyrics illustrate her own quest for enlightenment and the lushly emotional music underscores her words. ↬ Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

A postmodern talent for melodramatic sound and exceptional production carries off the grand epics of self-discovery. A pleasing mixture of engaging melodies and enchanting accompaniment, theatrical in its thunder and disarming in its fragile forms. ↬ Maximum Ink

If your project merits a calibre above canned music, we are capable of producing broadcast quality minimal to complex instrumental and brand songs in any genre imbued with it's distinct imprint. "The Deeper You Go" soundtrack is one example of an elaborate underscore. Our lyrics often dig a bit deeper into the personal and collective human experience. All copyrights, syncs and master licenses throughout our sites are owned by 11th Story LLC publishing company, a BMI affiliate for smooth clearance.

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I Am is a pleasing mixture of engaging melodies and enchanting accompaniment, theatrical in its thunder and disarming in its fragile forms. Spectral voices of mercy and kindness waft over thick, lathering synthesizers and pounding percussion. Nigro's swooning vocals weave words with an urgent, impassioned directness. ↬ Maximum Ink


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