Voice of Vrillon

On November 26, 1977
A signal out of nowhere came out of the heavens
The first, from all deduction, broadcast interruption
To override the evening news till the end of looney tunes
The picture moved intact but the audio was hijacked
A bleep deemed a hoax, an inexplicable coax

This voice is Vrillon of the Ashtar Galactic
Please excuse the intrusion we share a rare tactic
For many years you have seen us as lights in the skies
We speak to you now as beings more wise
While your planet is passing through the Age of Aquarius
Be still now and listen act cautious be curious

We warn of the destiny of your race in this world
Your weapons of evil must not be hurled
Awaken arise if you are to proceed
Evolving to higher realms can be achieved

That energy called money letting evil exist
Overshadows your rulers so conflict persists
You must learn to be sensitive, tell chaos, untruth
Your divine inner self will protect you from this
The truth is within and will lead yourselves onto
The Ashtar Galactic Command will guide you

We warn of the destiny of your race not yet proved
All weapons of evil must be removed
This is our message we return to your host
Be blessed by the supreme love of the whole cosmos

~ Lora Nigro

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